PEL Core Topics - April/May


13. review the use of cautionary and advisory labels (APF)
14. understanding the procedure of processing and recording Doctor's Bag Orders (PBS yellow book)
15. establish a procedure for dispensing medicines into a dosage administration aid (APF)
16. establish a procedure for dispensing and recording drugs of addiction (Controlled Substances Act 1984)
17. establish procedure for entering extemporaneous preparations into the computer (APF)
18. establish a procedure for checking dated stock and dealing with out of date stock
19. review procedure relating to dispensing Authority prescriptions (PBS yellow book)

9. cardiovascular drugs
10. dermatological treatments
11. insulin and oral hypoglycaemic
12. anxiolytics and hypnotics
13. systemic and topical cortico steroids
14. antifungal and antiviral agents
15. considerations in pregnancy and lactation
16. drugs used to treat alcoholism

7. cough and cold preparations, including topical nasal decongestants
8. antacids and H2 antagonists
9. antidiarrhoeal preparations
10. ear, nose and throat preparations
11. eye care including contact lens care
12. use of nebulisers and humidifiers
13. smoking cessation

8. understanding the requirements of confidentiality relating to The Privacy Act
9. review S3 and S3 recordable regulations
10. understanding the legal requirements of the Methadone and Buprenorphine program (Drug and Alcohol Services and APF)
11. read the Pharmacists Act 1991/Regulations
12. read the PSA's Standards for Pharmacists Needle and Syringe Program
13. read the PSA's Competency Standards for Pharmacists in Australia 2003