PEL Core Topics - August/September


28. review safety net procedures and PRF paperwork
29. establish clearly defined roles with dispensary assistants and other staff members
30. handing out medicines
31. disposal of unwanted medicines
32. understanding the procedure of drug recalls
33. critically review dispensary procedures to minimise selection errors

25. hormone replacement therapy
26. menstrual problems
27. Parkinson's disease treatments
28. drugs in epilepsy
29. gout
30. cytotoxic and anticancer drugs
31. immunosuppressant drugs
32. anaesthetics
33. drugs in urinary tract disorders
34. complementary medicines

21. emergency contraception and family planning
22. dental hygeine
23. haemorrhoids
24. diabetic care products, monitors, test strips etc.
25. baby care and formulae
26. wound care and first aid
27. vitamin supplements

19. review key areas the Pharmacist Act 1991/Regulations
20. review key areas of the Controlled Substances Act 1984/Regulations
21. review any changes to the scheduling of medicines (Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons)
22. review of professional ethics (Board Guidelines)