Condition List

Here are some potential questions you may be asked concerning the conditions below. Links will be added once a page for the question has been written.

Conditions and their Treatments: a link to an article listing all the conditions covered in AP301, and their treatment
An AP400 version is also in the works

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Allergic Rhinitis

- oral antihistamines (sedating and less sedating), antihistamine eyedrops, intra-nasal corticosteroids
- woman with acute hayfever symptoms
- symptoms of cold actually hayfever
- hayfever and asthma
- man asks for eyedrops (but also has nasal symptoms)


- benzodiazepines


- ventolin + flixotide
- what to do in a severe attack (how to recognise)
- enquiring about spacers
- what to do about cats
- smoking
- steroids and growth stunts
- asthma action plan and the 4x4x4
- how to use and clean puffers and spacers
- dry cough in an asthmatic
- hayfever and asthma

Bipolar Disorder

- lithium


- managing common problems associated with COCs
- emergency contraception


- pholocodine linctus
- dry cough in an asthmatic
- dry cough progressing to productive cough
- dry cough (but taking benzodiazepine)


- spiriva



- TCAs, SSRIs, venlafaxine, mirtazapine, MAOIs (selective and non-selective)
- regular customer who declines to wait for prescriptions
- patient prescribed olanzapine for depression


- protaphane insulin, actrapid insulin, accutrend glucose strips
- 'hypos' - how to recognise and how to treat
- smoking
- alcohol
- control of other co-morbidities (hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, osteoarthritis, reflux)
- prevention of diabetes complications
- what to do when ill
- self-monitoring


- antacids, proton pump inhibitors, H2-antagonists
- heartburn from night of drinking
- heartburn in elderly (actually heart attack)
- woman asking for gaviscon (recently injured)

Emergency Contraception

- levonorgestrel, copper IUD



- oral rehydration therapy
- man requesting ORT for youngest child


Headache and Migraine

- paracetamol, triptans, ergotamine
- headache: questions to ask
- migraine (stress and OCP)
- medication-overuse headache

Headlice and Scabies

- permethrin cream, pyrethrins with piperonyl butoxide, benzyl benzoate
- headlice in 10yr old child
- scabies rash on torso
- itching actually due to permethrin treatment



- ramipril + hydrochlorothiazide
- blood pressure monitors
- worried about cholesterol measurement
- asking about celebrex ('triple whammy')
- heartburn (actually heart attack)



- how to treat an injury
- dealing with a sports injury
- injury in man suffering osteoarthritis (taking diclofenac but requests diclofenac gel)
- injury in man playing sport (currently at the bar celebrating)
- woman asking for gaviscon (recently injured)


- benzodiazepines

Ischaemic Heart Disease

- patient taking diltiazem, isosorbide mononitrate and GTN


- paracetamol SR, glucosamine/chondroitin cream, diclofenac gel
- how to reduce symptoms?
- how to treat an injury
- injury in man suffering osteoarthritis (taking diclofenac but requests diclofenac gel)
- types of exercise?
- evidence for glucosamine/chondroitin cream?

Parkinson's Disease

Psychiatric Conditions

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Rheumatoid Arthritis




- clotrimazole, fluconazole
- thrush in pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infections

- trimethoprim, cephalexin, urine alkalinising agents
- cystitis
- diarrhoea/rash from antibiotic treatment

Weight Management

- sibutramine, orlistat, rimonabant
- diabetic patient taking both Atenolol and Metformin