Ethics List

Here is a list of all the situations we have come across in Ethics so far this year. Not many of the topics have information at the moment, but feel free to add in any notes or useful links you have stumbled upon. Just click 'Edit This Page' at the top to begin writing! :)

Tutorial 1

Example: Prescribing 'anti-depressants' for daughter
1. "Fit pack" for pregnant woman
2. Dispensing extra MS-Contin for bone cancer
3. Weight loss product for upcoming wedding
4. Methadone patient unable to get a new script
5. Request for 3 packs of pseudoephedrine

Final Tutorial

- Offensive Christmas catalogue

Debate Topics

1. Viagra on the PBS
2. Abortion should be illegal

Position Statement

- template questions answered using example position statement
- template questions answered using general statements
- Should RU486 be available in Australia?
- marking guidelines
- position statement guide

Oral Presentations

1. Stem cell research background, stakeholders, consequentialism
2. Gene therapy for lifestyle genes consequentialism
3. Priority for organ transplants background, example, links
4. Refusal to supply the Emergency Contraceptive Pill rights and duties, consequentialism, example
5. Young woman aborting if pregnant stakeholders, example
6. RU 486 to replace morning-after-pill background, stakeholders, consequentialism
7. Testing for Huntington's Disease allele rights and duties, consequentialism, example
8. Access card for health care background, stakeholders, rights and duties, consequentialism
9. Big Pharma and Indian government's patent law stakeholders, links
10. Is drug addiction a disability? example
11. Supply of complementary medicines to the public background, stakeholders
12. Children of donor sperm/eggs background, stakeholders
13. Euthanasia background, stakeholders, consequentialism, resources
14. Dispensing a placebo sugar pill rights and duties, consequentialism, example
15. "Perfect children" through IVF
16. Using human clones as organ donors example, background, stakeholders
17. Locum pharmacist and antibiotic for UTI consequences
18. 'Medic Alert' bracelet stating 'Not for Resuscitation' , background, consequentialism,example, links
19. Filling prescriptions vs counselling consequentialism, example

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