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As part of upcoming hospital pharmacy interviews, hopefully soon I'll be posting some stuff that will help with preparing for the daunting task next week.

16th June 2008 - Hospital Pharmacy Preparation: A Crash Course

quick links:
- Clinical Pharmacy Interventions: what to look out for if a particular drug is on the patient's medication list
- antibiotic spectrum
- enzyme inhibitors/inducers
- hepatic and renal function

Unusual and Obscure Conditions and Treatments

This is just a weekly series I'm conducting at the hospital, which is just a quick spiel on conditions and treatments that you will not normally encounter, but might be still relevant.. somehow :P

Week 1: Cysteamine - a treatment for cystinosis
Week 2: Letrozole - normally used for breast cancer, but can be used in adolescent males with growth problems
Week 3: Tocilizumab - a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Week 4: Liothyronine vs Thyroxine - comparing thyroid hormones
Week 5: Dexmedetomidine - for post-surgical sedation