"Project STOP FAILING is a decision making tool for pharmacy interns aimed at preventing the use of 'off the top of your head'-based products to manufacture responses during counselling scenarios. The system works by helping pharmacy interns to determine patients’ therapeutic needs."

This is the final project in terms of preparation for your oral assessments (two counselling scenarios and an interview) before you become a registered pharmacist and enter the real world, again. Project STOP FAILING as you might figure out, involves a centralised database of potential scenarios and interview questions, very similar to a program used in community pharmacies to prevent diversion of a particular decongestant. It is designed to broaden a pharmacy intern's range of thinking through exposure to a variety of cases and the various modes of thought required to work through the scenarios. The initial stages of development will involve the situations presented in the files below, but later expanding to fill the gaps of the core topics that we are required to know. I would like to encourage outside input, as no single person in the pharmacy profession will encounter every type of scenario, so any suggestions can go into the link below - I might eventually post my work email if that makes things easier, but we'll see how everything goes until then :)

Counselling Scenario

Conditions and Treatments documents:

Previous Pharmacy Practice scenarios:
AP401 - includes tips and assessment feedback

Counselling structure:
Gathering information
Providing information

List of drugs to be familiar with:
Drug list

Product Request

Phenergan in a 9 month old
Daktarin oral gel and warfarin (increase INR)
Nurofen Plus and medication-overuse headache
Vaginal thrush treatment
Ranitidine and assessing for peptic ulcer
Tinea cream for foot - actually nickel allergy (toe ring)

Prescription Request

Amitryptiline script and sertraline (serotonin syndrome)
MS Contin script - previously on Ordine mixture (switch over dosing)

Symptom Request

Urinary Tract Infection
Fever in child - otitis media

Drug Information Question


Drug name recall
Name as many beta blockers as possible, function?
List of ACE inhibitors - function?
Name as many calcium channel blockers - Function?
Name five TCAs.
ACE inhibitor and NSAID function - where do they work in the kidney?

List of drugs that will discolour urine?
Why shouldn't you take statins with grapefruit juice?
Why statin need to be taken preferably at night?

Applied Pharmacotherapeutics questions
What is ESR?
What causes a cough? How to treat?
What are the desirable lipids?

Explain restricted, unrestricted, authority PBS scripts
PRF report for family - what are the legal requirements?
Who is entitled to obtain fosamax on authority and how to get it?
How many days for emergency supply of medication?

Patient on metronidazole and warfarin
Counselling on metronidazole
Golfer comes in for diclofenac tabs (ask background - hypertension)
What is the protocol in supplying promethazine (Phernergan)?

Dispensing S4 and S8 drugs
Someone calls claiming to be doctor asks to give patient Kapanol 20 tabs - what do you do?
Legal requirements for dispensing S4 drugs
When can you give owing S4? Ethical issues?
Supplying asmol/ventolin without a script
Verify authenticity of a script
Requirements for an S8 script

Can a pharmacy advertise that they ‘fill’ scripts the fastest in town?
Central database of patient’s profile - advantages and disadvantages
Pharmacy assistant comes in late for work, makes mistakes - what do you do?
Drunken pharmacist at work, and you are the pharmacist in charge, how do you handle the situation?
Injury at workplace, what needs to be done?

Webster packing
Webster packing, disadvantages, and advantages.
Medications and the appropriate slots in the webster packing.

Sources of information
Where do you find information regarding drugs in pregnancy, herbal medicines and immunisation?
Where do you look up doses for hydrocortisone oral tabs?


QLD Pre-reg scenario cases
exam questions 2005

Suggestions/Feedback - enter any potential cases in this page