Traineeship Year

Probably the page many of you have been waiting for ;)

Later on I'll be posting knowledge criteria on various topics from the Ward Reference Manual of the WCH - hopefully it'll be slightly relevant to people working in other hospitals and even those in the community pharmacies (but feel free to suggest other topics too). Once things get established, then I'll add a page of potential questions for the various tests over the year.

Knowledge criteria will be split into various levels of recommended knowledge base: rotational level, specialist and expert - corresponding to a pharmacist in their first 3-5 yrs, greater than 3-5yrs and greater than 8-10yrs of experience, respectively. Therefore, one should not be intimidated by the criteria suggested for specialist and expert pharmacists, at least not for a few more years ;).

You may also suggest journal articles that may be useful for gaining knowledge for each topic as well.


(where all the main resources are found)


PEL References
Competency Standards 2003
APCAT Guide 2008
NFEC Guide 2008
Registration Examination Guide 2009

Community Pharmacy
Session 3 Pre-Reg Questions
Presentation - Forensics
SCH3 list
Acne 09
Anti-infectives 09
Dermatology Part 1 Part 2

Hospital Pharmacy
Written Provision of Therapeutic Information - Template