This is just a trial in case using a wiki would be useful for helping with certain aspects of the Pharmacy course. I was thinking mostly along the lines of counselling, as it was a major assessment that people really wanted information on, so maybe a site where people could add counselling points and other related info would be really useful.

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Here I'll mention anything new to the website that you may not have been aware of (plus any news if that happens to be the case)

Recent additions:

- Set up a page for potential questions for the AP401 exam (similar to the MCBT301 fake exam), now with answers! (almost completely finished!)
I have constructed a table of all the primary dressings used in Wound Care
- The obligatory AP401 Conditions and Treatments document, with dermatology currently completed (AP301 and AP400 versions are available)
- Answering the sample questions from last year (including cancer, CAMs, dermatology, incontinence, and pharmacy regulation)
- I am slowly adding notes on a number of AP401 topics based on key points from last year
- The three PP Assessment Scenarios have been uploaded (although they are quite bare since I did the third case)
- AP401 Lecture Checklist has been uploaded (let me know if there are any lectures that I missed out on)
- 3rd Year Lectures are now available (expect to download some very large files)

To do list:
- Set up a traineeship year section (this won't be happening for a while though)

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Links Resources
General Structure of counselling Online AMH (via library catalogue)
Example medication Online MIMS (via library catalogue)
Medication List Self-care Cards
Condition List CMIs: PBS NPS myDr
Ethics List

Useful Books:
external image appther8iw8.jpgotc_guide.JPGpharm_practice.JPG
Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical Use of Drugs: very large book that contains information on a wide range of conditions, using a 'Question-Answer' based format (found in high-demand section of the library)
Australian OTC Medicines Guide: excellent resource for counselling situations ($30)
Case Studies in Practice: contains case studies on a variety of conditions ($50 for PSA members)